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Claro bookshelf is a weightless and flat-packed bookshelf. It was envisioned combining a sensible usage of advance manufacturing (CNC milling) with traditional carpentry,


Our approach started with the challenge of providing the most of (book) storage with the least material. In order to achieve it, we selected a 9 mm thin birch plywood that intertwines with “frame-like” solid wood elements. One of its main concepts is to allow structural stress to be shared in all the parts. Therefore shelves and framing are combined in a highly precision puzzle logic, achieving a large span and saving material. All plywood and solid wood elements work as a single structure thanks to carefully arranged joints, with neither glue nor hardware solutions. In its design we remove as much thickness as possible, its precise joints also allowed to achieve stiffness without the diagonals that are a common solution to give stability to thin shelving systems.


Lightness is achieved with clear aesthetics, and very little weight (around 8.5 kg). It is a system that allows ease of transportation and assembly on site. Moreover it embodies different concepts that can still be developed at different scales.


“Claro harnesses the minimum to express the concept of sustainability to the maximum, thanks to its lightness, simplicity, ease of assembly and transport, and its inexpensiveness. It thus encapsulates all the basic tenets of sustainable design.”


SaloneSatellite Awards 2018  Intesa San Paolo Award winner





Bookshelf / Shelving  System

Designer Miguel Angel Jiménez





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