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Leve is the name of the prototype chair that we presented at Salone Satellite 2019, during Salone del Mobile Milan. Looking out to continue a further collection on flat pack furniture, we developed and crafted a completely unique chair, actually, the first one of its typology.


One of the most innovative aspect of the project is the possibility of assembly all the elements into one single node (the “asterisk”). Legs, backrest and seat converge into this central element, a solution that besides its “simplicity”, has never been used before for chairs.


Many intuitive thoughts drove the project, in its aesthetics and in its structure. With the asterisk solution, we strived for a cantilevered seat, that nevertheless is kept stable because of the centroid of the whole structure.


The other aspect that render unique this chair is the shell made out of 2 twin elements, a solution that we developed in order to reduce molding processes, storage and shipping costs. It is indeed a very thin (7 mm) and comfortable shell that is possible because of all its geometric details, e. g. the different folds, the double curved forming process, etc.


For Salone Satellite 2019 it was crafted in solid beech wood elements, bent and glued beech wood veneer, die cast bronze and aluminum profiles.






Designer Miguel Angel Jiménez



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