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The Lunar tableware set came up as an effort of designing a contemporary collection, that may boost the current revival of urban ceramics in Mexico City, thus, feasible to be produced in local workshops. The project started from a careful play with the basic geometry of the objects. The mug, our first prototype produced in 3D-print, was shaped by the oblique intersection of two cones (one comfortable to grab while the other comfortable for drinking). This gesture generates a subtle play of light and shadow, different from each angle. Moreover, it indicates a particular grasp; a possible new relationship with the user and its experience. In the same fashion, a oblique gesture is always used to improve the grip of the different pieces, either as an ergonomic enhancement of the tumbler, or a handle for the plate.


The light and shadow play that is achieved in the collection reminded us to   the moon (either as a moon phase or as an eclipse). Pursuing a coherence in the design, the orange-peel-like finish also somehow evokes the same theme, Lunar.





Ceramic tableware set

Designer. Miguel Angel Jiménez.

Team. Santiago Olguín



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