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We get our creative drive in the challenges and natural obstacles of each project.


We look forward a 360 degree design perspective, exploring in our projects and merging craftsmanship with advance manufacturing techniques in an effort to innovate through design.


We embrace complexity doing also simple things.



Since 2017, mutarQ evolved into a design, lighting and architecture studio. It was founded by Carmen Valle and Miguel Angel Jiménez and is currently based in Mexico City.


Carmen Valle (Lighting designer/Architect) has an academic background that includes the joint Master in Extraordinary Landscapes by Nuova Accademia di Belli Arti (NABA) and Politecnico di Milano.  Miguel Angel Jimenez (Architect/Designer) was awarded CONACYT-FUNED scholarship to achieve the Master in Industrial Design for Architecture of the Politecnico di Milano (by POLI.design). Since 2012 they have collaborated with different awarded and design oriented firms in Mexico City, Ljubljana and Milan. Their experience covers a broad spectrum of projects, specialized in architecture design, lighting design, product design, landscape and urbanism.



Intesa San Paolo Award. 9th Satellilte Awards (Salone del Mobile Milano). 2018




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